Mid-Missouri Swim Conference

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Minutes of Spring meeting and Treasurer's report on "Downloads" page.
Procedure for creating the results file to be posted in the Meet results page:
bulletgo to Meet Manager in that meet
bulletgo to the button in the menu that says "Reports"
bulletSelect "Results"
bulletYou should see the report generator with all of the entries in the lower portion...
bulletselect "select all" from the menu (you should see all of the events highlight in yellow)
bulletin the bottom portion of the screen you should see a grouping titled "Report Type" > for "Export File" select "Flat HTML"
bulletthen select the Menu Option "Create Report"
bulletThat should create the file. The default name should be "Results.htm". then just send that to me webmaster@midmoswimming.org
We are currently working on each team's individual page on this site.  If you have any corrections to existing information, please send corrections to webmaster@midmoswimming.org also.

Summer 2017 Swimming Schedule



Host Team

Visiting Teams

May 26 FRI Sedalia Boonville, Jefferson City, Marshall, Mexico
June 1 THU Sedalia Boonville, Eldon, Jefferson City, Marshall, Mexico
June 3 SAT (9 am Meet Start) Marshall California, Mexico
June 6 TUE Centralia Eldon, Jefferson City
June 7 WED California Boonville, Fulton
June 8 THU Eldon Centralia
June 10 SAT Mexico Boonville, Centralia, Marshall
June 13 TUE Eldon California, Jefferson City
June 13 TUE Marshall Mexico, Sedalia
June 16 FRI Boonville Centralia, Marshall, Sedalia
June 21 WED Fulton Boonville, California
June 22 THU Eldon Centralia, Jefferson City, Sedalia
June 24 SAT (9 am Meet Start) Boonville California, Centralia
June 27 TUE Centralia Marshall, Mexico
June 28 WED California Eldon, Sedalia
June 28 WED Boonville Fulton, Jefferson City
June 30 FRI Centralia Mexico
July 5 WED Fulton Boonville, Centralia, Jefferson City
July 7 FRI Sedalia Centralia, Marshall, Mexico
July 8 SAT (9 am Meet Start) Boonville California, Eldon, Mexico
July 12 WED Fulton Eldon, Marshall, Mexico
July 12 WED California Boonville, Centralia, Jefferson City
July 15 SAT (9 am Meet Start) Boonville All Teams